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Everything you need for yoni steaming

Herbs & Steam Steaming gown

Handy accesory if you wanna take your steaming experience into another level.
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AU$ 89
Use the gown either for classic steaming of the pelvic area like a skirt, or you can tie it over your breasts or neck and let the pleasant herbal warmth affect the whole body. This use is great when you get a flu, have muscle pain or are tired and for relaxation and regeneration, it helps with losing weight and cardiovascular diseases. Due to the high humidity, the steam sauna of the whole body hydrates the skin and opens the pores, thanks to which the skin can effectively remove the harmful substances and detoxify.
The gown is made out of organic cotton.  After the use simply wash it in the washing machine on cold, iron it and put it into the wardrobe. The cloak is designed in one size to fit all women. Made to order. More designs and colours are coming soon.

Mustard colour with gentle herb pattern

Made to order

It can take up to 1 week to be made
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